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We specialize in the production of fertilizers based on living microorganisms (bacteria). Production is carried out with the help of modern equipment, a staff of first-class specialists in the agricultural industry. Agricultural soil fertilizers belong to the class of environmentally friendly preparations and are in many ways superior to the once popular chemical agents. We supply agricultural products wholesale and retail, working closely not only with commercial enterprises, but also with private clients who want to order an effective means to increase productivity

STIMIX® in crop production

STIMIX® is based on live cultures of microorganisms. Created to solve problems:

  • fight against bacterial, fungal and mixed bacterial-fungal infections of plants and soil
  • soil enrichment with agronomically valuable microorganisms
  • accelerated decomposition (destruction) of plant residues;
  • decompaction (biological loosening) of the soil;
  • increasing plant immunity
  • controlled stimulation of plant growth and development processes at all stages of its ontogeny (from the embryo to the reproductive phase).
  • enhance the palatability

The listed properties of STIMIX® are valuable in themselves, as evidenced by the impressive results of their use in fields, orchards and vineyards, berry fields, in protected ground structures.

STIMIX® in animal husbandry

In animal husbandry, STIMIX® is used primarily to improve the immunity of animals. As you know, one of the main centers of immunity of the animal organism is the intestine. Useful microflora ensures the effective functioning of the immune defense mechanisms of the whole organism.

The issues of maintaining health and increasing the body's resistance to pathogenic factors are especially relevant in conditions of mass keeping of animals in a limited area. A healthy livestock has a higher productivity and produces higher quality products than a weakened one. STIMIX® biological products contain the same microbial elements of normal flora in the form of probiotics and their metabolites, which provide immune protection of the gastrointestinal tract, and hence stable health of farm animals. They are added to the drink of animals.

Our advantages
Key elements that bring our goal to life
  • We solve farmers' problems with sustainable offerings ranging from seed treatment to post-harvest.

  • Improving the taste of products

  • Improving the immunity of plants and animals.

  • Stimulate Growth and Development

Our achievements and awards
We work hard every day to make our customers' lives better and happier.

Competition of agricultural technologies "InterAgroMash" 2017

Winner of BelgorodAgro 2021
Laureate of "AgroExpoCrimea 2019"
Laureates of the 1st degree of the International Ecological Forum "EcoWorld - 2021"

Winner of the Russian Agro-Industrial Exhibition "Golden Autumn" Moscow 2013

For more than half a century, agriculture in Russia has developed based on four principles formulated by the "father of the Green Revolution" Norman Borlaug. He proclaimed that in order to obtain high yields, the best variety or hybrid, a lot of mineral fertilizers, good plant protection with chemicals and, if possible, watering are needed. The main disadvantage of this system is that it has become too expensive.
The head of the NPO "Biocenter" Alexander Genrikhovich Kharchenko at the exhibition "Yugagro" offered an alternative view of how you can have not only a crop, but also money in your pocket.

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